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So, we're going to go ahead and assume that your cuff collection is pretty exciting already. But, if you've been craving just a little more glamour when it comes to restraining a mate (or being restrained by them), never fear! Whip Smart's Deluxe Universal Buckle Cuffs present a super-sexy metallic blue pair that'll have you or your playmate sexily captivated (and captured!) in no time flat.

Softly lined, the Cuffs will circle you/their wrists or ankles oh-so-securely, holding arms or legs immobile and at a partner's (consensual!) mercy. 

Each Cuff comes complete with a short length of chain and a sturdy swivel clasp. They can be secured together by connecting the clasps, or enjoyed in combination with just about any favorite bondage gear you own and love.  

In bonded leather and metal, the Cuffs can be spot cleaned as needed. 

* The Whip Smart Deluxe Universal Buckle Cuffs fit up to approximately 3.5" (8.9cm) of diameter.

Whip Smart Deluxe Universal Buckle Cuffs

SKU: PC-XGEN-005635
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