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If there's one downside to catching a glimpse of a gorgeous rainbow, it'd be that you probably got rained on first. No rain here! These multicolored Rainbow plugs not only look spectacular, they'll also some in very handy if you're a) looking to practice up for some bigger butt-geared things to come or b) you're simply in the market for three sleek, sexy sizes of backdoor penetration potential to play with. 

Inside, you'll find three long, tapered plugs in body-safe aluminum. They're each shaped for easy insertion and quick adjustments or removal, plus, each features a glittery gemstone at the base. Size-wise, they're very different, all the better to help you or your partner work up to or dive right into butt play bliss. 

If you're just beginning to explore the potential pleasures of butt play, start with the smallest size. Feel free to move up to the medium and large from there, or stick with the little one, it's completely your call!

The sleeker, rounded tip of each plug swells gradually outward to a largest point near the bottom. A nice long neck helps hold the plug in place as the base fits comfortably between your cheeks. That base also helps protect against any too-deep slips- a definite plus when it comes to anal penetration.

In slick, lightweight aluminum alloy, the plugs inside the Rainbow Metal Plug Set are easy to clean pre and post play with warm soapy water or a good toy care fluid/foam. For extra thorough clean-up, you can even wipe 'em down with a weak bleach solution. Any favorite lube will be fair game (lots of it is HIGHLY recommended!). Please keep your Plug Set safe, sound and scratch-free for a lifetime of fun. Three velvety drawstring storage bags are included.

* Featured measurements list the Small plug. The Medium is about 3.5"/8.9cm insertable and 1.4"/3.6cm at widest, and the Large is about 4.25"/10.8cm insertable and about 1.6"/4cm at widest

Rainbow Metal Plug Set8

SKU: PC-EVO-018539
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