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Honestly, when you're all tied up in the middle of a hot, heavy, super-sexy play session, the last thing you're probably thinking about is the pattern of your cuffs. But when things cool down and you've stowed the Luxury Hand Cuffs away in bedside table of toy chest, wouldn't it be nice to be able to peek in every once in a while and let the pretty burgundy diamond pattern print bring back some sizzling cuffed-up memories? Yep!Aside from a great-looking pattern, these Cuffs feature user friendly and beginner-perfect buckle closures and easy compatibility with lots of bondage or play gear you might already own and love. Connect 'em together using the included short length of chain link complete with a swivel clasp, or use with tethers, hogties, bed bondage straps and much more.In soft-backed bonded leather and metal, the Luxury Hand Cuffs should be spot-cleaned as needed. Fits most.

Ouch! Luxury Cuffs in Burgundy

SKU: PC-SHOTS-928610
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