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It doesn't happen often, but sometimes, words just aren't enough to describe one of our toys. This is one of those times. We'll try, though! The Smart Pleasure Queen Suction Massager from Empowered is not just a clitoral / nipple / outer sweet spot pump, though it's a fantastic one. It's not just vibrator, though it's definitely one of those, too. The Queen is also not just a toe-curling oral sex simulator, even though it's 100% got that particular pleasure act covered. In fact, the Pleasure Queen Suction Massager is all three of those things. A perfect harmony of pleasure, you might call it.When you first un-box your Queen, you'll find three pieces, a rounded power base with soft silicone tongue, and two silicone-edged suction cups. Set the silky tongue to licking and lapping by holding down the power button, then pressing repeatedly to cycle through six flickering functions. You either pick a favorite and stick with it, or change up sensation as you see orgasmically fit. To add suction to the tongue-lapping action, attach one of the two included cups to the base (it fits over the tongue.) While both cups are contoured for an airtight seal around your or your partner's vulva, breasts and beyond, one is smaller and the other