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Nothing in the whole wide world is more natural than the pursuit of pleasure. In life, in love, and in our deepest sensual souls, we all deserve to feel our very best. Womanizer has always been at the forefront of pleasure (and orgasm!) innovation. We adore their commitment to luxurious-yet-approachable design, empowering messaging, and, of course, their signature Pleasure Air technology. With the advent of the Premium Eco, Womanizer is at the forefront again, and this time they're ushering in a new era of more natural, sustainable, earth-conscious pleasure. Like the beloved Premium original, the Premium Eco was designed to deliver twelve perfect levels of Pleasure Air stimulation. It's lightweight, curvy and comfortable in hand, and lets you or your partner position a silky, rounded little silicone tip precisely where it feels the best for you. Here's the difference: the Premium Eco is made from an innovative, renewable and eco-conscious material called Biolene. The Premium Eco's main components are fully recyclable, and the rechargeable battery is easily replaceable. In short, it's the greenest Pleasure Air toy ever created! In partnership with One Tree Planted, an organization committed to reforestation and sustainability, Womanizer will plant one tree for every Premium Eco sold. When it comes time to relax and unwind with your Premium Eco, you'll adore how comfortable and natural the sturdy shape feels in your hand. Tuck the curvy base into your palm and direct the soft silicone treatment tip to your or your partner's clitoris/other outer sweet spots. Two silky tips are included, one larger and one small, so you'll be able to choose the one that feels best. Womanizer's signature Pleasure Air technology was specially created to stimulate your or your partner's most sensitive areas directly, yet very gently. The touchless, subtle-yet-intense sensation feels completely different than vibration. This may sound cliché, but it's truly something you'll need to feel for yourself. Perfect, patient oral sex is one of the closest comparisons we can think of.In keeping with Premium Eco's earth-friendly focus, the Smart Silence feature improves the life of the internal, replaceable battery, but it also keeps things quiet and purely pleasure-focused. Here's how it works. Once the Eco Premium is powered on, it'll begin to suck and pulse only when close to your skin. When pulled away from your body, it stops automatically, then starts back up (at the same intensity, of course) when brought back close. You won't need to worry a thing, Smart Silicone is built right in.A single power and function button