An extraordinarily user-friendly pleasure tool from California Exotic Novelties' Love Rider Collection, this streamlined Wireless Pleaser Rabbit Vibe is luxuriously built with high grade silicone, USB rechargeability and 7, absolutely silent vibrating functions, all packed into a perfectly manageable, non-phallic shaft. With a wide, supportive base that acts both as a sturdy suction cup for hands-free play and as a base for pairing with a harness, the Pleaser is completely versatile in terms of use - it works as a dildo, vibrator, and strap-on, either together or independently, depending on your desired type of play. In fact, the Pleaser is compatible with every Love Rider harness in the collection. Stemming from its base is a wide ridge to hit the vaginal opening upon insertion, stimulating sensitive nerves and offering a deep, full coverage penetration that naturally glides within the vaginal canal. A 'rabbit' style clitoral stem extends perfectly from its shaft, slightly angled inwards for direct clitoral stimulation and equipped with its own motor for absolute bliss. A slimmed center prepares for another bulb at its tapering head with a pin-pointed tip this time slightly angled for optimal g-spot stimulation. The Pleaser is equipped with seven vibrating functions, including escalating speeds and pulsating patterns to send you or your lover over the edge. The vibe is completely rechargeable and includes a USB cord for convenient and discreet charging. To charge, simply plug the tip into the opening at the center of its base, and plug the USB end into a computer or compatible charger. Worry not - this opening does seal when the charger is released, remaining entirely waterproof during play. Two control buttons are located towards the bottom of its rear side, one that powers the unit on and off with a single push, and a separate function button that filters through each setting.The Pleaser is soft and shapely, and completely sealed in silicone from head to base for an impressive play area that lets you take full advantage of its silky smooth surface. Silicone does warm to body temperature - a much loved feature of the high quality material. Not only that, silicone is 100% hypoallergenic, free of phthalates and irritants that may harm sensitive skin. To clean, simply spray with a toy cleaner and wipe with a damp wash cloth, or use a fragrance and alcohol-free soap and water. Silicone is compatible with water-based lubes only, so avoid silicone formulas as well as storing your Pleaser next to silicone toys to ensure its quality. 

Rechargeable Love Rider Wireless Pleaser Vibe

SKU: PC-ZCE-1498-94-3