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In the mood for some/a lot of glitter? Great! We've got your glam right here. Featuring more sparkle than a 90's makeup bag plus tons of penis inspired details (color aside, this one's lifelike, folks!), the Naughty Bits Ombré Hombre XL Vibe offers up its totally classic sweet-spot loving shape to size-loving solo players and couples at any level of vibrator experience

Aside from a striking (and namesake) ombré color palette, the Ombré Hombre XL features some seriously versatile lifelike styling plus ten modes of deep, throbbing vibration. Sleek and rounded at the swollen tip, the Hombre slips smoothly and stealthily into place, wherever that place may be. A mid-level thickness makes for a nice noticeable stretch, and some well-placed veiny texture stimulates without overwhelming.