Trigger treasured memories and provoke enjoyable thoughts with this powerful, pheromone-rich fragrance. You’ll find Lick Me All Over to be one of the best-scented fragrances you’ve ever come across – completely exotic and seductive. If you’re looking for something truly rich with notes of fruit and tropical paradise to enhance your apartment, the alluring aroma of Bargzoils lick me all over will not disappoint. Get more every day with this perfume oil fragrance that’s minted from a combination of raspberry, melon, and cantaloupe – enriched with a slight floral note.

Blended With:

Raspberry, watermelon, and cantaloupe (Base notes)

Violet and jasmine (Middle notes)

Kumquat and grapefruit (Freshy top notes)

“BargzOils Lick Me All Over is one of the best smelling fragrances I have come across. This is a wonderful exotic blend that contains raspberry, cantaloupe, and watermelon, with a blissful hint of grapefruit and kumquat. Definitely a fragrance to keep”

Fragrance Disclosure

Phthalate Free – Yes

Nitro Musk Free – Yes

Vanillin Free – 9%

Flash Point - ~170F

Skin Safe - Yes

Gel Compatible – Yes

Recommended Fragrance Usage

The percentages detailed below show our maximum recommended fragrance usage in the corresponding finished products.

Potpourri and Incense

Use 50% Maximum

Vegetable and Paraffin Wax

Use 10% Maximum

Lotions and Perfumes

Use 5% Maximum

Soaps, Bath Oils, Bath Gels

Use 5% Maximum

Cleaning Products

Use 4.1% Maximum

Lick Me All Over Perfume Oil, Exotic & Seductive Fragrance, Tropical Paradise