Enjoy a lightly fruity fragrance that brings an awakening effect with BargzOils Eat It Raw fragrance oil.Finally available on BargzOils, this truly unique perfume invokes a chill feeling of fun and strength at the same time. This is a real nice scent that will add an air of luxury to your bath and body products. Many of our customers love the Eat It Raw fragrance because of its sweet, yummy aroma – comprising a combination of wild berries and other tropical scents.

Fragrance Composition


ethyl vanillin

Benzyl salicylate

Benzoic acid




Benzyl propionate



Cyclonexanepropionic acid



Butyl acetate

Recommended Fragrance Usage

The percentages detailed below show our maximum recommended fragrance usage in the corresponding finished products.

Potpourri and Incense:

Use 50% Maximum

Vegetable and Paraffin Wax:

Use 10% Maximum

Lotions and Perfumes:

Use 5% Maximum

Soaps, Bath Oils, Bath Gels:

Use 5% Maximum

Cleaning Products:

Use 5% Maximum

The eat it raw body oil from BargzOils is the crème de la crème of aromatic fragrances. You’ll find that each new day – every time – when you smell it afresh, there is something new about this distinct aroma. This is one of our fastest selling perfume oils and there’s a good reason behind it. As many people have gotten used to traditional perfume oils, signature brands like ‘Eat It Raw’ are becoming increasingly popular. You can never go wrong with the BargzOils Eat it Raw aromatic fragrance.

Enrich Your Spaces With a Mature Fruity Scent

A mature, fruity scent is one of the things that make the BargzOil Eat it Raw body oil truly outstanding. It brings a soft, refreshing, fruity fragrance to your living spaces – uplifting your spirits and easing your moods up however hard the day might be on you. Simply add a few drops to a plastic spray bottle, then fill with water and spray 2-3 times to scent your room. You may also add a few drops to baking soda for an aromatic carpet cleaner. The mixture should be allowed to sit on the carpet for

Fragrance Disclosure

Flashpoint - > 93 °C / > 200 °F

Recommended use – Aromatic ingredient(s)


Note:this product is an aromatic fragrance and not an oil for internal or external use on the skin.

Uses advised against. Do not ingest as such. Avoid eye contact. Do not breath fume/mist/vapor.

May cause an allergic skin reaction. If exposed to skin during handling, wash with water.

Eat It Raw Fragrance Oil, Mature Fruity Scent with Sweet Awakening Effect